If you are looking for a out-of-the-ordinary bootcamp to get your workout into high gear our fitness experts have something for you! We’ve designed our bootcamp to affect change in every aspect of your life. Your physique will show the results, but so will other aspects of your life. We’ve come up with a list of advantages of the boot camp method and we feel confident you’ll love the Fit Method 4:13 twist on it!

Group Support. Inspirational motivation is to be found in a boot camp group. Working out in a group is very helpful because we all have our down moments, those moments when we don’t think we can go on- or don’t even want to start. Members in the group encourage each other, offering encouragement and help when we go through those down moments. It also gives everyone a chance to be a motivator too. Sometimes it’s easier to do things for others than for yourself and boot camp gives you the opportunity to do that too.

Calorie Busting Exercise. The average boot camp session burns between 500-600 calories. That is a significant number of calories to burn in just an hour. It is common knowledge now that when you set off a burn like that. that the calories keep burning at a higher rate, even 48 hours later. As you build muscles you body will burn more calories because muscles burn more calories so it’s a positive burn cycle. We’ll discuss this more in future blogs. In the meantime, sign up for a free trial with Fit Method 4:13!