Fit Method 413 concentrates on a unique brand of Functional Circuit Training. Our High-Intensity Interval Training incorporates elements of Baretero Techniques and we put an emphasis on nutrition and mental strength.

Pink Themed Circuit training centers for women have been around for a while now but make no mistake. This is not weaklings moving in a circle using light weights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our version of Circuit Training, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is highly effective. Combine this with personal training advice about food and attitude from your Certified Health Counselors, and you’ve got a winning equation.

We believe the result is a clear mind and healthy body and spirit.


Our training involves:

  • Rotating through a series of three circuits and three rounds
  • These circuits combine aerobic and functional circuit training
  • High metabolic activities including burpees, squat jumps and unique cardio routines
  • Weight training which incorporate “Baretero Techniques” which TRX bands, plyometric, free weights, resistance tubing
  • Stabilization / core strengthening
  • Weekly changes in routine to create muscle confusion
  • 50-minute sessions to maximize catabolic breakdown state


Why is Circuit Training so good for you?

  • Research is mounting that HIIT, or Circuit Training is the most effect for of training.
  • Boosts your HGH production, this is the human growth hormone.
  • Increases fat-burning enzymes
  • Increases your metabolism even up to 48 hours later


What is the Baretero Technique?

  • Baretero uses your own body weight for exercises
  • High repetitions are used
  • Picked up from street bodybuilders in Columbia, South America
  • Perfected on the street and monkey bars of Brooklyn, New York


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