The Happiness Effect Presentation


The pursuit of happiness has brought more stress into our society than any other dynamic. Americans are stressed, anxious, tired, addicted, overweight, and sick. It seem as if happiness is elusive and in many cases impossible. We are constantly striving to squeeze every second out of a day to make more and be more. This ambition even though admirable in some cases has created an epidemic of significant proportions.

Temperament therapy

Our temperament is innate and unique to everyone single of us. Our environment shapes our character, and our personality is the mask we wear in this environment to survive. My question to you is how important is it for you to understand exactly how you are wired? What drains you, what environments are more conducive to your temperament? All these questions can be answered through our simple profiling system work sheet.


Once we know what makes you tick we can then assist you in creating habits that will renew your strengths and take you to the next level in all areas of your life.  This 30 minute presentation will not only make you aware of destructive patterns in your life but we will also give you tangible guidelines to help you succeed in life, business, relationships, and bring you peace. We would love to speak and your next event. Please contact our offices for more information.

JT Tapias

Founder/Pro Fitness Life Coach


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