There’s not one single attribute that can outdo determination and hard work. Every single person that I’ve ever met that has accomplished anything big in life has the trait of relentless drive and passion. Even more important is that they have a Complete and Total Commitment to their goal. I only have these words that you are now reading to inspire you, but I will do my best. In over 10 years of working in the fitness and personal development industry, I can tell you that I have seen the most incredible results in people who are diligent and disciplined. These traits are available to you on demand, whether they’ve been part of you in the past or not. You can decide today to change not just your physique, but how you do everything from here on. This post could be the catalyst to changing every aspect of your life into something most people could only imagine. You see, what humans are capable of is completely different from what they will actually do. I have a lot of respect for you already for reading this far. You took the time to read something that has the potential to change your mindset. You are already part of the 3% of the people who are not willing to just settle.
Scary statistics about lack of commitment
I stumbled on Rich Burridge blog post about book statistics, it has some scary numbers. One third of high school graduates never read a book again in their entire lives. 58% of the US population never read another book again after high school. 42% of college graduates never read a book again. 80% of US families did not buy another book again last year. 70% of U.S adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years and 57% of books have not been
read in completion. These numbers underlie a serious challenge. How are we supposed to continue to evolve in a world inundated with bad examples and bad media? Reality TV has poisoned our youth and created a culture of instant gratification. Marriages are failing at a rate of 50%. It also shows that most people’s level of commitment is nonexistent. The fact that you have reached the end of this blog post is incredible. Commit to doing something outside of your comfort zone today. If you have never tried to push your body beyond its limits based on fear of failure, or even worst you’ve tried but you have failed. Today is your chance to redeem yourself. Contact me today and I’ll gift you a full assessment and 1 week of training just for taking the time to read this post. I know that if you read this entire post you re ready to change. Call me today. We have the best coaches in South Tampa.

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