Fit Method 4:13 is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We seek to find a middle road between the extremes of Crossfit and old school workout. Ok, we admit that the middle road we seek is a pretty intense one too, but it is one that has proven success. Our central method is circuit training where you participate in several types of exercises in rotation. Our method combines aerobic exercise, cardiovascular training and anaerobic resistance training. These are done in a rotation.

We believe 50 minutes is the maximum time that an intense workout should last because after that anabolic processes stop and catabolic processes begin, that is to say that instead of building your body up your metabolism taps your storehouses in you body and breaks down molecules for energy and this is counterproductive to lasting health. We plan our circuits for 45 minutes to stay clear of the catabolic threshold.
Our circuit training rotates activities of high metabolic activities include burpees, squat jumps, star jumps and high knees. The next rotation is weight training which included “Baretero Techniques, plyometric exercises which are high energy bust-like exercises and core strengthening exercises. Baretero techniques are those exercises that use your own body’s weight for weight training. Our rotations don’t get boring because they change every week to create muscle confusion and to avoid plateaus. We believe in healthy workouts so each program comes with a full body assessment and a customized lifestyle plan. Visit our site and sign up for a free session, then get your friends and family to join you and make it fun!