1. FIT Method 4:13 starts blog

    Hey Fit family, This is my very first blog post. On this blog you will find everything relating to fitness, nutrition, and spirituality. I hope you enjoy it.…Read More

  2. Determination and hard work.

    There’s not one single attribute that can outdo determination and hard work. Every single person that I've ever met that has accomplished anything big in life has the trait of relentless drive and passion. Even more important is that they have a Complete and Total Commitment to their goal. I only have these words that you are now reading to inspire you, but I will do my best. In over 10 years of…Read More

  3. 7 Tricks To Super Charge Your Life

    "Supercharge Your Health and Your life" 1. Bye bye bloat Bloating, gassiness, and general abdominal discomfort is horrible to have. Apart from how your stomach feels it can affect your day by making you feel self-conscious and sluggish- not great. The good news is that bloating is usually tied to what you eat. Dairy products can be a major source of intestinal distress, and many people eliminate t…Read More