1. The Benefits of Circuit Training

    Fit Method 413 concentrates on a unique brand of Functional Circuit Training. Our High-Intensity Interval Training incorporates elements of Baretero Techniques and we put an emphasis on nutrition and mental strength. Pink Themed Circuit training centers for women have been around for a while now but make no mistake. This is not weaklings moving in a circle using light weights. Nothing could be fu…Read More

  2. Benefits of Circuit Training

    Condensed Cross Training- Circuit training puts you through your paces. It combines exercises from the disciplines of weight training, cardio and endurance. Depending on your goals, you can focus more on one of these than the other because it 100% customizable to your individual needs and desires. HIIT, or High-intensity interval training which is another name for circuit training, stimulates your…Read More

  3. Fitness Method

    The FIT Method 4:13 method of getting fit and maintaining fitness is a combination of circuit training, slow burn cardio training and good nutrition.  A slow cardio workout is usually held in contrast to a high-intensity workout.  It is commonly held that a high-intensity workout burns more calories since a more carbohydrates are burned in this type but that in a slow cardio work out the percent…Read More

  4. Circuit Training for Fitness

    Fit Method 4:13 is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We seek to find a middle road between the extremes of Crossfit and old school workout. Ok, we admit that the middle road we seek is a pretty intense one too, but it is one that has proven success. Our central method is circuit training where you participate in several types of exercises in rotation. Our method combines aerobic…Read More