“Supercharge Your Health and Your life”

1. Bye bye bloat
Bloating, gassiness, and general abdominal discomfort is horrible to have. Apart from how your stomach feels it can affect your day by making you feel self-conscious and sluggish- not great. The good news is that bloating is usually tied to what you eat. Dairy products can be a major source of intestinal distress, and many people eliminate their bloating altogether when they stop eating dairy.

Why not cut out dairy for just 5 days as see how you feel (and look) afterwards? If you want to say bye bye to your bloat it’s totally worth it! Trust me!!
Worried about calcium? Don’t be- greens, beans and sesame seeds all contain calcium (often more and more bioavailable than milk) along with other fantastic nutrients. And there are plenty of non-dairy milks available on the market- coconut, rice, oat, sunflower, pepita or chia milk – are all good clean, options full of nutrients.

Also don’t forget to check your protein powder. If you use a whey based protein- this can be a cause of bloating- Try Isalean shake’s which are undenatured and bring digestive enzymes to help you absorb the nutrient better. Swing by FIT Method 413 in South Tampa today and try a free shake on me.
2. Cut out unwanted calories (and get a greens boost) by this simple trick
Instead of having bread with your burger, or a taco with your Mexican or a tortilla for your wrap use greens! A big lettuce leaf or blanched collard green is an awesome alternative! You will cut out loads of unwanted calories simply by using this trick and wrapping your healthy meal in greens instead of processed bread. Your body will love you for it!
3. Sunday Night is Plan Night
Countless studies show that scheduling when and how you exercise is the best way to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Make this work for you and sit down to schedule your weekly workout plan on Sunday night. Why not make yourself even more accountable by messaging a few friends to join you on your food prep session.
4. What did I eat yesterday???
If you can’t remember or you don’t want to remember these are two good signs that a food journal could help you. Write down everything you eat, and how it made you feel afterwards. It’s a good way to make sure you are hitting your nutrient targets as well as helping you identify what foods you should be avoiding.
5. Getting loose with the goose?
Sorry to be the fun police…. But… for many people, one of the fastest routes to weight loss is to cut out alcohol. Your Friday night cocktail or mid-week vino contains loads of unwanted calories, and the alcohol can set off insulin spikes and start storing those cals. Not only that, the food choices you make when consuming alcohol can often work against you too. So, if you are serious about your body goals, take a 6 week alcohol break and see for yourself how you feel. One of our clients saw ALL of her cellulite disappear from her thighs. Not kidding. Trust me she was Happy, happy, happy).

6. Are you a sweet tooth or chocolate lover?
As a lover of chocolate (and former sell confessed chocolate addict!!) cutting this delicious sweet from my diet would’ve been crazy!! Instead when I get a crazy chocolate craving for sweet craving I reach for the ISA Delight plus. ISA Delight Plus is a delicious guilt free chocolate that satisfies hunger and sugar cravings. Milk or dark chocolate. Your choice. When your brain is low on “feel good” chemicals, it seeks out sugar, junk food and caffeine to artificially boost your energy and mood levels. ISA Delight Plus specially formulated with green tea extract, amino acids, antioxidants, D vitamins and minerals to help ease those cravings. The creamy milk chocolate and the delicious dark chocolate squares also boost your energy, mood and fire up your fat burning potential. Swing by FIT Method 413 in South Tampa and pick up a box today.

7. Success likes preparation:
It’s easy to let your body goals become compromised when you are short on time. Not enough time to cook, not enough time to prepare, not enough time to shop etc etc. Instead of falling into this trap EVERY night of the week- set aside a couple hours each week (Sunday afternoon works best for me) and prep any food you can for the week. Focus on things that will keep well either in the fridge or frozen- such as soups, salad dressings, brown rice, quinoa, healthy treats etc. This means eating clean mid week is already half done, all you need to do is cut the salad veggies and prep the protein

I hope you find these 7 healthy tricks to supercharge your health and life goals useful.

Keep it sexy 🙂